Do I need to meet with an NDIS Planner?
Yes, the idea is you meet with an NDIS Planner to identify your goals and the types of support you need in order to reach your goals. Then a plan can be created for you.
What do Local Area Coordinators do?
A range of organisations have been selected to be Local Area Coordinators (LACS) and work as NDIS Planners in certain regions.
Can I bring someone with me to planning meetings?
Yes, of course, you are free to bring someone with you to your plan meetings.
Will I have one or more plan meetings?
There may be one or several meetings, it just depends on your individual needs and how long it takes to work out all the details.
Can I access support to implement my plan?
Yes, but you should let your NDIS Planner know if you need support to implement your plan so they can add funding for this service into your NDIS Plan. There are three levels of support you can access under the Support Coordination category.
Who will manage my plan?
You can choose to manage your NDIS Plan yourself, with assistance from a person you nominate. Or you can use the NDIS agency. It is best to discuss how you want to manage the plan at your meeting so the Planner can let you know your options.
Are there different package amounts?
Yes. The aim of the NDIS is to provide you with the supports and services required for you to be as independent as possible. The amount of the package is determined by your individual needs, goals, aspirations and what is included in your plan.
Will I get less support than I get now?
Hopefully, that won’t happen. There are rules within the NDIS that make sure people who are currently receiving support, and who are eligible for a package, will not be worse off when they join the NDIS. You should bring as much supporting information about your support needs to your meeting as possible.
What happens if my needs change?
If your needs or circumstances change your future NDIS plan should accommodate any changes. You can also ask to have your NDIS Plan reviewed at any time. (That’s good to remember.)
How often are the NDIS plans created?
Your Planner will explain the timeframe for your plan’s review but it is generally expected that plans will be reviewed every 12 months. However, some people may have their plans reviewed more frequently depending on their needs.
Do I choose my service provider/s?
Yes. The NDIS gives you choice and control so you can choose your support provider/s and how your services are delivered. If you currently receive services from Rehmat Sandhu Foundation you can ask for them to continue as they are, or let us know about any changes or additional support we can provide. If this is the first time you will be accessing services, or you are looking to change service providers, our Client Engagement Managers can work with you to develop a responsive service plan aligned to your care needs and goals. As an approved NDIS service provider we are available to support you 24-hours a day, every day of the year.

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