NDIS Support Services

What NDIS support services can I have?

The NDIS will fund ‘reasonable and necessary’ support, services and equipment to help you:

  • Do things independently
  • Participate in the community
  • Access educational opportunities
  • Get a job and earn a wage
  • Achieve goals
  • Develop skills for daily living

What does ‘reasonable and necessary’ support mean?

We are getting into a heap of detail here, so rather than read everything, if you’d like to speak with us, by all means, give us a call.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme Act states reasonable and necessary support must:

  • Be related to the participant’s disability
  • Not include day-to-day living costs that are not related to a participant’s disability support needs such as: rent, board, food or phone and electricity bills. (These must be paid for from a person’s usual source of income such as a wage or pension)
  • Represent value for money
  • Be likely to be effective and beneficial to the participant
  • Take into account informal supports given to the participant by family, carers, networks and the community

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