What is an NDIS plan?

Getting started with your NDIS Plan – helpful tips

Everyone who moves from their current disability fund into the NDIS will have an NDIS plan. Each plan is unique and your plan will be based on your goals and the supports you need to help you live as well as possible. If you are moving into the NDIS, a good place to start is to think about what’s important to you. You may find the following questions helpful:

What is in your NDIS plan?

Remember, if you find this confusing, just call us – 1300 737 942 Each plan is individual but the following key factors are common to all NDIS plans:

  • An NDIS Plan should match support needs and goals by funding one or more support category.
  • An NDIS Plan’s support category funding should enable a participant to purchase the services needed to support themselves and reach their goals.

Once you receive your NDIS Plan you, your family or a Support Coordinator can start ‘shopping’ for the services you have been funded for.

According to the NDIS, the first plan is the entry point into the NDIS and the start of a person’s relationship with the scheme. The first plan will identify the reasonable and necessary supports required to meet immediate needs. Over time, you will move from one plan to another and your plans will change as your needs change.

What are the funding categories?

The NDIS has developed three separate “funding categories”. There are three key categories of funding that cover the following key support requirements:

Capital supports

These include equipment and assistive technology, house modifications and vehicle modifications.

Core supports cover

This is for assistance with daily life at home, in the community, education and at work; transport to access daily activities and supported independent living.

Capacity building supports

This category includes providing assistance to learn and build skills including improved daily living skills, improved living arrangements, increased community and social participation, finding and keeping a job, improved relationships, improved health and wellbeing, improved learning and improved life choices.

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